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What Does Waiting Get You?

Waiting For Perfection?

Seriously, what does it get you? I was reminded of this reading a recent post by Jonathan Fields entitled Make More Bad Stuff. Like most of what Jonathan writes, the title alone was enough to draw me in. But, once I started reading, it went in a very different direction than I was expecting.

Make More Bad Stuff is about taking action. Stop waiting for perfection. No, let me rephrase that because I’ve had clients say to me, “I don’t need perfection, but I am waiting for the right time.” So, I’ll just come out and say it– stop waiting for the perfect time.  Think about it, what do you get while you’re waiting for the perfect moment…the perfect situation…for all your ducks to be in a row?  You get NOTHING!

So, what does waiting f0r perfection get you? While I’m in question asking mode, how often is the very first attempt at making or building or doing something the best you can do? Not often, right? So, why are you waiting for the perfect time to get started? Why not get the first attempt out of the way?

I bet, once you start, you’ll find it just so happens to be …the perfect time–the perfect time to learn a lesson, to take action, to make your very first. Jonathan’s first guitar probably won’t be his best, but I’ll go out on a limb to say it will be one that he’ll always cherish and always remember. And, it just may be the first step toward something stellar.

Remember, it takes JUST one revolution to start an evolution™.  What are you evolving today?

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What evolution are your revolutions creating?


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