steve frank executive leadership coach
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Steve helped me to sort out my priorities, to hold myself accountable, and to recognize my successes. He was always a supportive listener who asked powerful questions. ... I appreciated his experience in marketing which helped me with move forward with my own business. In particular I liked his listening skills and his way of being challenging in a very gentle manner. He also demonstrated a genuinely positive attitude which was very helpful and encouraging.

Gary, Mid Life Career Transition & New Entrepreneur

"You allowed me to put my life into a visual framework and start to understand which areas needed the most work and why. I was able to choose certain areas and set mini-goals with objective measures and outcomes. You provided me with a sense of direction and renewed self esteem and self empowerment from an impartial, objective position. I got on the right track with health and wellness which opened up time to start thinking about career which created a new goal of taking the next step in my current job. I am now in the process of moving into a promotion. You are an incredible coach... I have only started to tap into the benefits that you are able to provide to your clients if working with them for a prolonged period."

Mary, Senior Level Executive, 31 years old
"Steve is passionate about what he does and throws all of his energy into making his client as successful as they wish. His attention is focused; his energy is catching; his encouragements, suggestions for thought, and recognitions of successes are both challenging and profoundly supportive. I have gained a number of tools and techniques for approaching whatever endeavor lies before me. Steve is an amazing coach. Whether one is on a bicycle or on a personal (or business) journey, Steve will get you to the top of whatever big climb is in front of you. And he will celebrate with you when you get there.”

Kit, Personal Coaching Client
"Recently, I went through a transition in my career. I got to a point of frustration with the process and didn't know the next step. Steve was there to provide sage advice and help me realize that I needed to keep on track and not get distracted in my pursuit of my final goal. I have kept his advice in my head throughout the process and it has helped to keep my focus on what matters. He is truly someone who can lead you to find your path to success."

Jennifer, Career Transition Due To Downsizing
"Steve is an inspiring, highly energetic and trustworthy leader, I and many others are fortunate to know and learn from him. He possesses an energetic enthusiasm that is contagious! Steve has a unique ability to cut through chaos, see the big picture and create creative solutions and strategies. It is obvious that Steve has a genuine passion for helping others, and pours his best into each and every day to make things happen!” I am blessed to have met Steve, and hope to continue a long working relationship."

"I found the tools and concepts presented by Steve & Amanda very valuable. I have had many ah ha! moments from things others in the group have shared that I hadn't thought of, or looked at in that way before, which speeded up my understandings. I feel good about what I've accomplished during You CAN Do It! Group Coaching and I'm confident that I've set in motion something I can sustain.”

Linda K, IT Specialist
"Steve has a deep and intuitive knowledge base that keenly pinpoints problem areas. He pushes you past the barriers of resistance in a very kind, compassionate way, while being up front, honest and motivating. If it wasn't for his insightful questioning and posturing that led to paths of other ways of thinking, I would have never launched my new business. He opened doors for me, made me look at things differently and helped me set goals for myself that were attainable, all contributing to my success."

Marilyn, Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur