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Taking A Leadership Role

Leadership Traits For Showing Up As A Leader

This past week many people around the world celebrated Easter and Passover. Putting aside the traditions and religious aspects of each of these holidays, both Easter and Passover center around freedom, renewal, re-birth, possibilities and opportunities. Interestingly, these are leadership traits that often come up at some point during many personal and executive leadership coaching sessions with my clients.

But, what if you didn’t wait for the holidays to embrace these leadership traits? What if you regularly scheduled time to assess, strategize and plan? Time to be open to the possibilities you didn’t see the last time you planned? What if you committed to creating and enjoying a great day, every day? And, not just A great day. YOUR Great Day.

Each day, each week, each month, each fiscal quarter is an opportunity to explore possibilities, to renew motivation, determination and to re-birth, or simply tweak, direction to ensure you’re creating your great day and realizing your potential, as well as those you are leading. Yes, there’s a lot of responsibility in leadership. And, it’s not just about your professional life. It’s about your personal life, too.

“Create And Enjoy Your Great Day.” Tweet That!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What do you do to ensure you embody these leadership traits? Do you regularly schedule leadership visioning time?

Leadership Trait.

2 comments to Taking A Leadership Role

  • LB

    Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are in charge of our lives. To do that, I remind myself that I am the writer, casting director, location scout, stylist, director, and editor of my life. The End

  • Steve Frank

    Great metaphor, LB. Thanks for sharing.

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