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Where Are You Focusing Your Intentions And Actions?

Intentions plus actions equals achieving goals

Intentions are like seeds. Actions are like water. What are you growing?  Continue reading Where Are You Focusing Your Intentions And Actions?

Looking Back...Where Does It Take You?


Recently there was a graphic circulating on Facebook that I posted on my Facebook business page. (While you’re there, why not click LIKE. I’d love to have you join in the dialogue there, as well as here.) It was simple and to the point.

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

As a . . . → Read More: Looking Back…Where Does It Take You?

Defining Perfection


Why Are You Waiting?

While watching the news this morning, I saw a commercial for a local jeweler promoting how easy, and profitable, it is to sell your gold to them. It started with, “I don’t know why I waited so long…”

I’ve talked and written about perfection before, even asking that very question, . . . → Read More: Defining Perfection

Are Your Facts Supporting You?

Seth Godin quote about The Facts

What kind of stories do you tell yourself? Are they supporting you?  On what  facts…what “truths” are your stories based? Recently, Seth Godin hit the mark with his post, The facts. Toward the end of it Seth says, “Your position on just about everything. . . [is] almost certainly based on the story you . . . → Read More: Are Your Facts Supporting You?

10 Motivational Quotes To Inspire Action


It’s no secret that I am a fan of both motivational quotes and bicycles. So, when compiling this list of 10 motivational quotes that often inspire me in to taking action, it should be no surprise that the first one applies life lessons learned from a bicycle.

As you read these, please keep this . . . → Read More: 10 Motivational Quotes To Inspire Action

How Hoping Can Hold You Back


Setting Goals And Taking Action

Training is the opposite of hoping ~ unknown (seen on a Nike tee shirt)Tweet That!

It’s important to have hope. Hopes and dreams help to maintain a positive attitude, and to keep our heart light and free. Unfortunately, hoping on its own just isn’t enough! You have to be . . . → Read More: How Hoping Can Hold You Back

Are The Spokes of Your Goals Aligned?


The weather has been beautiful the past few days where I live in metro Detroit. So, I’ve been taking advantage of it by using my cruiser bike to get around as much as possible, including commuting for work. I heard noises coming from the bike that I ignored. I felt myself working harder than . . . → Read More: Are The Spokes of Your Goals Aligned?

Motivational Quotes: Do They Work?


I’m a big believer in motivational quotes. Yes, there is no denying that they are a multi-million dollar business. Just look at the success of such well known motivational speakers as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy & Tony Robbins, to name a few. It’s tough to go in to most any supermarket, card store or specialty . . . → Read More: Motivational Quotes: Do They Work?

A Life of Purpose


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” ~ Robert Byrne

What are your goals? What interests do you have? What are you doing with your life? What do you want to be doing with your life? These are all important questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. Finding purpose in your . . . → Read More: A Life of Purpose

The Power of Thought


“When we think of failure; Failure will be ours. If we remain undecided; Nothing will ever change. All we need to do is want to achieve something great and then simply to do it. Never think of failure. For what we think, will come about.” ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The key to success starts . . . → Read More: The Power of Thought