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Fear: How You Use It Is Your Choice

FEAR: A great Zig Ziglar quote

Harnessing The Power Of Your Fear

The Zig Ziglar quote below is one of my favorites. Instead of automatically allowing fear to stop you in your tracks, Zig’s quote serves as a great way to reframe and examine the reason for it.

What if you used your fear as beacon of light? What if you . . . → Read More: Fear: How You Use It Is Your Choice

Overcoming Overwhelm and Fear

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed

Last week I found myself having to move forward … overcoming fear and meeting a feeling of overwhelm face-to-face. I had the oddly both unpleasant and enjoyable task of holding an estate sale at the home my parents built 46 years ago — the home that I grew up in for most of my . . . → Read More: Overcoming Overwhelm and Fear