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Steve Frank, personal and executive leadership coach

Steven (Steve) Frank, founder and Chief Motivational Officer of evolution360°, inc., has over 25 years of marketing, branding and coaching experience working in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Having spent 20 years as a successful marketing and branding executive, Steve began to realize that without balance, true wellness and happiness could not be attained, no matter how much he exercised, or how much “work success” he achieved. So, he left corporate America to pursue his true passion, the one thing he enjoyed doing for all of his adult life— motivating and coaching individuals, groups, teams & businesses to achieve their goals while continuously seeing the possibilities and realizing life’s potential.

Steve coaches his clients around goal setting, work-life balance, leadership, team dynamics and career transition. Using his branding expertise as well as lessons he learned from coaching athletes, and would be athletes, to complete 100+ mile bicycle rides for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Steve helps his clients to create personal and professional successes while enjoying the biggest endurance event there is – Life.

Believing that truly sustainable change is change that evolves, Steve works with his clients not only to help them get greater clarity around their goals—big and small—but also to achieve them, one revolution of “their wheel” at a time. As a motivational speaker, Steve has presented on personal branding, goal setting and career transition.

It’s not enough to be clear on what you want to achieve, however. Steve works with his clients, and client organizations, to identify those behaviors which are preventing individuals and, therefore, their teams and organizations, from realizing their goals and limiting their potential. As new, positive behaviors are mindfully put in to practice, Steve’s clients gain confidence, balance and intentional focus, resulting in improved performance, better team dynamics and greater job satisfaction. By being intentional and mindful about their behaviors and goals, Steve’s clients are better able to face the challenges that face them and their organization.

Steve holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University where, legend has it, he was the first student to double major in Economics and Sociology. Steve is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC), having completed his training at the International Coach Academy.

A celebrator, avid cyclist, meditator, pizza lover, and father of two, Steve is proud to call metro Detroit home.