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Reframing Perspective: Lightening My Load

Recently I found my self having to embrace and use a technique that I often coach my clients to use, personally and professionally. Reframing perspective is so simple, yet can be so difficult to do, especially on our own. The rewards, however, are  freeing.

Ever Feel This Way?

Late in the afternoon on a recent Wednesday, my iPhone 5 started cycling on and off, uncontrollably. There was no way to stop it. I even tried a hard reset connecting it to my iTunes and restoring it. That worked for a few minutes until the top of the screen turned green, the bottom turned purple and the two colors melded together before it started cycling on and off, again. It was hours before I was able to get to the Apple Store because of other commitments I had for the remainder of the day. Throughout the rest of the day I found myself thinking, “I can’t catch a break. I don’t have time for this!”

Later that evening, I finally made it to the Apple Store, still feeling like I couldn’t catch a break. After explaining the problem to several of the staff, they said there was nothing they could do…a new, replacement, iPhone 5 would be $269. Instead I decided I would switch back to my old iPhone4 which I still had, even though it didn’t work well.  (This post isn’t about Apple, the iPhone5 or the customer service I received that night, so no need to discuss this any more.)

My reaction was one of increased frustration, anger and, I’ll admit it, self-pity. Interestingly, the self-pity was strongest. Yes, it was a reaction, not a response. Driving home from the Apple Store I remember pounding the steering wheel once or twice or 12 times saying to myself, “$%^%, I can’t catch a $%^%*# break”.

Reframing Perspective

Can you imagine how heavy, tired and drained I felt driving home? My perspective was completely negative. It had me feeling like a victim. It didn’t allow me to have any control over what happened. I couldn’t see a positive thing.Then while stopped at a red light, less than two miles from the mall feeling really sorry for myself, some thing clicked.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t catch a $%^%*#  break. Instead, I said to my self  I’m due for a break!  That felt great. I repeated it over and over, even saying it out loud while looking in the rear view mirror. Almost instantly, I felt lighter. I wasn’t a victim. Instead, I was due for a break! Not only was I due for it, I was going to help create it! By the way, that night, on a whim,  I bought a lotto ticket when I stopped to pick up some food for dinner.

I went to bed that night thinking I’m due for a break and I’m going to help create it! I fell asleep easily. I slept well.

Ok, before your imagination runs wild, I didn’t win the lotto. But, the ticket was a $2 winner, which means I had a $1 more than before I bought it, right?

But, back to my example of reframing perspective. I woke up feeling good. Yes, of course I was still seriously bummed about my cell phone situation, but it wasn’t ruining my day, it wasn’t heavy and I was not feeling like a victim. After a couple of client meetings that morning, I decided to call Apple Support. In less than 30 minutes (it would have been quicker but my old iPhone 4 dropped the call the first two times), an Apple Customer Service Rep told me they were giving me a new phone, free of charge. There was my break!! And, I did create it!!!

Replacing the disempowering perspective of I Can’t Catch A Break with I’m due for a break and I’m going to help create it! changed my outlook and my energy. I know that sounds woo-wooey, but here’s what I can tell you. As The Law of Attraction simply states, what you think, what you believe is what you’ll create in your life.

Think. See. BELIEVE. Act. Create. Tweet That!

We attract what we think about, good or bad.

By reframing perspective I know I approached the customer service rep on the phone differently than I would have had I still felt like a victim who couldn’t catch a break. I don’t think she would have wanted to help me the way she did by escalating the issue up the ladder until it reached some body who said, “yes, give him a free replacement” if I had called believing I couldn’t catch a $%^%*#  break.

Reframing perspective. It works.Tweet That. What perspective is weighing you down?

Reframing persectives works. As The Law of Attraction simply states, what you think, what you believe is what you'll create in your life.

4 comments to Reframing Perspective: Lightening My Load

  • LB

    This is great. LOVE IT. I’ve mentioned to you before that I have a “lifetime” of quotes I fall back on; and the one I repeat to myself (and others) most often is “your thoughts create your destiny.”

  • Steve Frank

    That’s a great quote, LB. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Michael Stewart

    This is a great piece of information Steve. I’ve certainly had those frustration moments in the past year. I have had glimpses of that positive energy too. I am trying on a daily basis to look at all the brightest things during the day. Capturing each victory and using it for fuel to take me forward. LB has it right too. It takes dicipline to look at every moment of your day like this.

    Thanks for the perspective.

  • Steve Frank

    Michael, thanks, I really appreciate hearing that. I’m glad this resonated with you so much. Looking at the positive things in our lives is a really great muscle to exercise as is what I like to refer to as the “celebration muscle”. It’s so important to acknowledge all our wins–big and small–and to “celebrate” them. Like any muscle, the more you exercise them, the stronger they get. Before you know it, it will become a habit. Speaking of a positive attitude, here’s another post you might enjoy,

    Thanks, again, for taking the time to leave a comment here, Michael.

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