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Motivational Quotes Can Inspire Action

Restarting With Just One Revolution

I’ve been thinking about reviving this blog for a while now.  Yes, even professional coaches procrastinate, stumble and get blocked at times. (That’s just one reason that I firmly believe any one can benefit from professional coaching, no matter how successful or accomplished you are. But, I digress…that’s a topic for another day.) And, then I received an email from Runner’s World magazine containing one of my favorite motivational quotes.

So, of all the motivational quotes out there, you may be wondering which one inspired me. Attributed to Maya Angelou, it’s…

“Every journey begins with a single step.”  Tweet That!

And, that’s all it took. It was time to stop procrastinating. That quote has always resonated with me. Without really thinking of it before today, it clearly has had an influence on my leadership coaching philosophy, on the naming not only of my professional coaching business but also on the title of my blog, which is based on one of my favorite cycling related life lessons …

“It takes just one revolution to start an evolution.” Tweet That!

As an avid cyclist, I draw a lot of life lessons from the bicycle. So, I know, especially when climbing a hill, it takes just that first revolution to get started. Whether you’re at the bottom, or you stopped mid-way (hmm, kind of like my first attempt at blogging), the only way to ride to the top is to start with the first revolution of the pedals. And, each revolution builds upon the last. Our lives, personal and professional, are the same way. It just takes that first revolution in pursuit of our goals.

With that in mind, I have officially completed my first revolution … writing this post to re-launch my blog after a long hiatus. It may not be perfect. The blog may need some redesign. The writing could be better. But, the only way that evolution will happen is by starting with the first revolution.

What’s your first revolution today? Please share it below in the comments.

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2 comments to Motivational Quotes Can Inspire Action

  • Penny

    Oh now you’re talking. As an avid cyclist also, I will try to remember your words as I approach that hill ahead that has always won.
    Just one revolution of the pedals, then another. In writing this, I can feel the process rather than fearing the future – “I’m not going to make it.” whew – that was easy:)))

  • Steve Frank

    Penny, that’s awesome. Glad to hear this resonated with you so much. It’s only easy because you really believe it.

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