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Looking Back...Where Does It Take You?

Recently there was a graphic circulating on Facebook that I posted on my Facebook business page. (While you’re there, why not click LIKE. I’d love to have you join in the dialogue there, as well as here.) It was simple and to the point.

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

As a personal & business coach I work with my clients to get greater clarity not only about where they are right now but also about where they want to go. With clearly defined, measurable goals they are able to set upon a course to reach that destination – - their goal. Yes, I help to keep them accountable to their goals, but it’s their vision of knowing where they want to end up that is helping to set their course. It’s in front of them, not behind them.

Sure, it’s important to look at the past for lessons learned, however, if you’re focusing your gaze on the past, where do you think you’re going to head? What would happen if you spent the majority of the time while driving your car looking in your rear view mirror? Surely, you’d crash pretty quickly, bringing the car to a complete stop…possibly a permanent stop.

But, there is also another reason not to keep your focus on the past. It’s a simple life lesson that I’ve taken from the many miles I’ve spent riding, and coaching others to ride, a bicycle on open roads. You need to keep your eyes focused in front of you. You need to see where you are going. And, when you come across the occasional pot hole or other obstacle on the road, if your eyes stay focused on that obstacle you will steer your bike right in to it. However, if you observe the obstacle but instead keep your eyes focused where you want the bicycle to go you will safely avoid the obstacle and continue on the road to achieve your goals- – avoiding a crash and arriving at your destination.

So, next time you’re tempted to look back…remember, if you keep your gaze focused toward the back/the past for too long, you’re surely to head in that direction.

2 comments to Looking Back…Where Does It Take You?

  • Penny

    Fantastic!!! Yes, I believe in looking at things I could do better in the future but that’s different than what I think you’re referring to. I think of it as carrying around a bit of a martyr complex…coulda/woulda/shoulda.

    I’m glad you reminded me that I can surely get into that mode. It never bodes well.

  • Steve Frank

    Penny, I think you nailed it. It’s great to look at things we can do better in the future but I, for one, wouldn’t want to dwell on the past and stay stuck in the “coulda/woulda/shoulda” zone. Thanks.

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