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It Takes Just One Revolution To Start An Evolution™

Welcome To Our Leadership Coaching Blog

I LOVE to ride my bike. I always have. If you’ve read the about page of this site, you already know that and this will sound familiar. But, please keep reading because this isn’t an exact reprint of that page.

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia I can remember riding my bike everywhere. As a little kid I had a great Schwinn with a banana seat.Classic Schwinn Sting-Ray with a banana seat adI rode it to school.  I rode it to the store.  I rode it to friends’ houses. I rode it to the train station, locked it up, and spent $.25 to take the train in to Philly. (Hard to imagine it was really only a quarter, but it’s my blog and that’s my memory…so, there you have it.)  Anyway, I digress—back to the bike.  Some of my greatest memories were on the bike or involved the bike.  It brought me great freedom.

As an adult I started doing century rides. For those who don’t know, a century ride is a 100 mile bike ride. And, before you ask, yes, it’s 100 miles in ONE day! It gives you a lot of time to reflect. Even when riding with friends, some of my best—my clearest–thoughts come when I’m on the bicycle. So, it’s no surprise that I would draw inspiration from the bicycle wheel for much of what I believe about life, business, goal setting and leadership coaching. And, that is why I have named this blog, Just One Revolution™. I am a firm believer that no matter what challenge you are facing, no matter what goal you want to achieve, no matter what task you need to accomplish, It Takes Just One Revolution To Start Your Evolution™. Each 360° revolution of your wheel moves you forward the circumference of the wheel. And, each revolution builds on the one before, gaining speed and momentum to keep moving.

As a certified professional leadership and life coach, my leadership coaching business, evolution360° personal & executive leadership coaching, focuses on personal leadership life coachingexecutive and leadership coaching as well as business coaching. Many people have asked me “why evolution360°? If you evolve 360°, aren’t you back where you started?” I love that question, but the answer is “absolutely not”. As an avid cyclist, naturally, I draw a lot of inspiration from the bicycle. I’ve taught and coached many people not only to ride a bike but also to achieve goals they never thought possible, including riding 100 miles in one day. And, you know what? It all starts with one 360° revolution of the wheel which starts your forward motion. Couple that with my strong belief that sustainable change is change that evolves over time and you’ll understand why I created evolution360° personal & executive leadership coaching.

Life is about enjoying the journey In this blog, I hope to inspire sustainable change–personal & professional, create conversation and, if I’m lucky, to make a difference, while moving each of us in to action on our goals. I’m looking forward to the journey.

And, remember, as my mother always used to say…”Don’t be shy, you’ll just end up leaving hungry.” Ok, so that referred to dinner guests, but the same goes here.  Interact. Let me know what you like, and what you don’t. When you have a comment or a question—don’t be afraid to let me know.


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