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Fear: How You Use It Is Your Choice

Harnessing The Power Of Your Fear

The Zig Ziglar quote below is one of my favorites. Instead of automatically allowing fear to stop you in your tracks, Zig’s quote serves as a great way to reframe and examine the reason for it.

What if you used your fear as beacon of light? What if you followed it as if it were leading you in the direction you needed to proceed, an opportunity for growth, an opportunity for taking action?  With this reframing, rather than serving as a barricade, or obstacle, that blocks you from moving at all, you could harness the power of your fear as vehicle for growth.

“FEAR: Forget everything and run vs Face everything and rise.” ~Zig Ziglar Tweet That!

Sure, there are healthy fears. Those that prevent us from doing something that could harm our health or threaten our safety. But, what if it is really an opportunity for growth? Which will you choose?

Zig Ziglar Fear Quote

One of my favorite quotes about fear.

4 comments to Fear: How You Use It Is Your Choice

  • Way to go Steve! This one is even better than the last. This surfaces often as I’m working with my clients. Sometimes its the fear of failure, but more often than not, its the fear of success! I can relate to the fear of success on a personal level.

    Keep up the good work! My only fear now is our inability to keep up with you as you leap ahead of the rest of us!

    Make it a great day!


  • Steve Frank

    Great point, Milt! Fear of success is as real and just as, if not more, paralyzing than the fear of failure. What if the question becomes, “how successful can you handle being today?” instead of worrying about how powerful and successful you might become eventually? As for your success…ain’t no stopping you, now.

  • Penny

    OMG Steve – this is prophetic. Fear – use it or lose it???

    I am going to try to copy your Red/Green ‘thingy’ about Fear and
    digest it every day. I am your devoted cyclist and as you know I think of a hill and I want to throw up yet I have committed to doing 2 century rides this summer – in hilly, mountainous terrain.

    FACE IT or RUN.

    That’s my motto:))))))))))) Penny

  • Steve Frank

    Penny, so glad you like it. I’ll send you the graphic.. Sounds like you’ve got a new mantra for getting your self up those climbs. Maybe for you, it’s Face Everything And Ride!?

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