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Having spent over 20 years as a successful marketing and advertising executive, I always knew that without balance,  true wellness and happiness could not be attained, no matter how much “work success” I achieved. Finding myself “stuck” in a toxic work environment, I decided to leave corporate America to pursue my true passion—motivating successful entrepreneurs and mid- to senior level executives to be the best they can be.

Through customized executive coaching programs which include initial foundation sessions, leadership and style assessments, 360° feedback, and regular coaching sessions conducted in person, over the phone or via the web, we will work together to:

  • mindfully align your purpose with your strengths, values and passions to support your vision;
  • develop and implement a plan for your professional life and/or career transition;
  • align your skills to improve your leadership effectiveness;
  • increase engagement through clear, intentional, and authentic communication;
  • work more effectively outside your comfort zone;
  • bring more balance and focus to your life  and work through new time & resource management tools.

By being intentional and mindful about your behaviors and goals, you will better tackle the challenges that face you and your organization/teams.

Take the first step in moving your professional life to a whole new level by scheduling an appointment to design your executive coaching program.