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Defining And Nurturing Your Positive Attitude

Does Your Mood Dictate Your Attitude?

I often get asked about my positive attitude. The most common question is, “Aren’t you ever in a bad mood? You’re always so positive.” While I never like to laugh at a serious question, I can’t help but chuckle when some one says that to me. Once I stop chuckling, I answer, “Of course!” Some times I add, “Just ask my family.” And, then I really laugh.

Seriously, though, a positive attitude isn’t about always being happy. It’s more about choosing how you want to respond to situations, negative things or bad moods. Like I wrote about last week, it’s about choosing to enjoy your journey. So, when I do find my self in a bad mood, or feeling sad, I don’t try to cover it up. Instead, I stay present and work to re-center my self by remembering, “I’ve always come through, no reason I won’t again.”

Reflecting on this reminded me of  a Jeffrey Gitomer quote that I’ve loved for a while now. I’ve even written about before in this list of motivational quotes that inspire action.

“Positive attitude is defined as the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. The definition for a negative attitude is exactly the same.” 

Where are you choosing to devote your attitude? Tweet That!  How do you stay present and nurture you positive attitude? I’d love if you’d share what works for you in the comments below.

Motivational Quotes: Positive Attitude Defined

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