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To-Do Lists That Work

Upgrade Your To-Do Lists

Why Your Standard To-Do Lists Aren’t Enough

For many of my coaching clients, the typical To-Do Lists are an important tool in their daily/weekly/monthly efforts to stay organized and on top of all their tasks and to keep their projects organized.

I’m often asked if there’s a To-Do List style that works best. My . . . → Read More: To-Do Lists That Work

Less Structured. More Productive.


Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines structure as something arranged in a definite pattern or organization; something that is constructed.

Applying that to our lives, structures are the systems we use to move through the day efficiently-both professionally and personally. Structures help to form habits that can serve us well as we strive to increase productivity. . . . → Read More: Less Structured. More Productive.

Multi-tasking: Productivity Booster or Stress Inducer?


How many times have you heard someone boast, “I pride myself on being a great multitasker? Truth is, in most instances, multitasking leads to distraction. Distraction leads to taking longer to get things accomplished. And, taking longer to get things accomplished leads to increased stress – – “I have so much to do and . . . → Read More: Multi-tasking: Productivity Booster or Stress Inducer?