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Are The Spokes of Your Goals Aligned?

The weather has been beautiful the past few days where I live in metro Detroit. So, I’ve been taking advantage of it by using my cruiser bike to get around as much as possible, including commuting for work. I heard noises coming from the bike that I ignored. I felt myself working harder than usual but brushed it off to the fact that I have been recovering from a cold, despite the fact that I did a couple of tough road rides as well as some indoor spin classes. (Now that’s what I call avoidance.) It wasn’t until this morning when I was on my way to my first meeting of the day that I looked down and noticed my rear wheel wobbling like crazy. That’s when I realized the noise(s) I had been hearing were because I broke a spoke and the wheel was out of alignment. The broken spoke was bouncing around making a clicking noise. The tire was rubbing against the fender making squeaking noises. The wobbling tire rubbing against the fender and the frame was the reason I had to pedal harder, even on flat ground, to move the bike forward. A quick visit to the bike shop and the broken spoke was replaced, the wheel was trued and I was back on the road. It’s amazing how much faster I’m moving while exerting less effort.

Do you have a goal, or goals,  you’re struggling to achieve? Is your wheel making smooth, efficient 360° rotations or are the spokes that are supporting your goals out of alignment? Are you making excuses for, or completely avoiding,  the “warning noises”? Do you need to “true” your spokes?

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