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Leadership Lessons From The Bicycle: Adjusting Course

Can You Change Direction Just By Turning Your Wheel?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog or if you’ve liked us on Facebook (If you haven’t, why not click here and do it now?), you know I draw a lot of inspiration as well as life and leadership lessons from my time in the saddle, my bicycle saddle, that is. You can find evidence of that here and here. Ok, you can find it throughout this site … so, please feel free to click around and explore.

Recently,the bicycle metaphor came in very handy during a leadership coaching session with one of my executive clients. We were discussing a goal that was important for him, and his team, to achieve. We talked about what his intentions were for adjusting course as well as what he was doing to make the adjustments. I asked because from what I was hearing, I sensed that all he was doing was turning the handlebars, but not pedaling (i.e., moving, taking action).

If you sit on a bike and turn the handlebars while your feet are still on the ground did you actually change direction? To effectuate change, don’t you need to be pedaling, or at least moving, while turning the handlebars? In other words, to truly adjust course and change direction, don’t you have to take action while also “turning the handlebars”?

“If you turn the handlebars while you’re standing still, have you really changed direction?” Tweet That!

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