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young steve on a bikeSteven (Steve) Frank  is founder and chief motivational officer of evolution360°, a firm specializing in personal & executive leadership coaching and leadership development. Steve remembers riding his bike everywhere, while growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. As a little kid he had a great Schwinn with a banana seat. He rode it to school. He rode it to the store. He rode it to friends’ houses. He rode it to the train station, locked it up, and took the train in to Philly. Some of his greatest memories were on the bike or involved the bike. It brought him great freedom.

As an adult he started doing century rides. If you don’t know, a century ride is a 100-mile bike ride. It gives you a lot of time to reflect. Even when riding with friends, some of his best –his clearest — thoughts come when he is on the bicycle. So it’s no surprise that he would draw inspiration from the bicycle wheel for much of what he believes about life, business, goal-setting and achieving.

If the spokes of a bicycle wheel are “not true” then they are out of alignment. This misalignment causes the wheel to “wobble” as is completes its revolutions. Your ride won’t be as smooth, efficient and comfortable as it could, and should, be. You will have to work harder than normal to travel the same distance. You might even end up stuck with a flat, unable to move.

Life and business are the same way. Like a bicycle wheel, if all of your spokes are not aligned and true, you will have a harder time reaching your personal and professional goals. You will not have the work-life balance you desire. You may even come to a standstill. Our personal & executive leadership coaching will help you to evolve your  life, personally and professionally, so that it aligns with your goals, your passions and your beliefs.

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